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WheelEEZ® Cooler Beach Conversion Kits offer a flexible way of moving coolers and other large, heavy, awkward shaped items onto the soft sand or other challenging terrain. WheelEEZ® Fishing Cart Beach Conversion Kits retro-fit onto most any fishing cart. Allowing easy access to soft, sandy beaches or other challenging shorelines. You can now easily reach that special, hard to access spot with a cart outfitted with these special kits. WheelEEZ® Boat Dolly Beach Conversion Kits convert Seitech® and Dynamic® boat dollies for beach use. Available in 3 sizes, now your boat dolly will glide over soft sand and other challenging terrain with ease. WheelEEZ® Beach Conversion Kits for Wonder Wheeler quickly convert hard-plastic stock wheels that plow into the sand with our Polyurethane Balloon Wheels. This ensures maximum flotation with minimum effort making your day at the beach better.

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