About Us

Wheeleez, Inc., is the North American Importer of WheelEEZ® brand products with office and warehouse facilities located in Benicia, California.

At Wheeleez, Inc., we make your life EASY with low-pressure, “Go Anywhere” Balloon Wheels! We know how difficult it can be to move heavy awkward loads over challenging terrain. So, we offer solutions to make it easy, even fun! From “Ready to Roll” Beach Carts or specialized Wheel Axle Kits to All Terrain Beach Wheelchairs, we are here with WheelEEZ®, the highest quality, Low Pressure Balloon Wheels available.

Whether you need WheelEEZ® wheels with their special flotation and shock dampening characteristics for specific OEM applications or just want to have fun on the beach, we provide solutions with our diverse product line. Our knowledgeable Customer Service Staff will be able to assist you with your specific needs.

We offer the complete WheelEEZ® product line world-wide through our active ecommerce website. In addition, we make products available to qualified Retail Dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers.